Podcast Season

There’s no real fixed number of episodes in a podcast season – but we’d like to give you 10% off your studio booking, editing and recording needs when you commit to producing a season of at least 10 episodes.

Song & Video Clip

The advantage of having a recording and video studio on the same site is we can work on both your recording and filming at the same time.

In this package we spend the first day making sure we have the structure, and the foundation tracks of the song laid down in the recording studio. We’ll also have discussion with the videographer – and plan the video shoot. Day 2 can involve overdubs on the recording side – and filming in the video studio. Day 3 can we can do more capturing if required – but will also get started on editing, fx etc and mixing. Days 4 and 5 will be finalising mixes and edits with the client – and producing the final products.

This is normally a $5000 package that gets you a finished single and video in a week.

Opening offer $3000

Audio Recording

An audio recording project can be a song, an EP – or a whole album. Tracking can take a variable amount of time – depending on the song lengths, the band’s preparedness, the amount of overdubs etc etc

Recording time with a tracking engineer is currently $660/day.

Mixing is available at $77/hour

Mastering ITB (using plugins) is $50/song.

Booking of three days or over receive %10 off

Live Band Video

This is a chance to create a great audio/video product you can release – or send around to show what you can do. It can also be crowdfunded – but allowing a select audience to purchase tickets and be there on the night.

We set up a stage, sound and lighting show – and record high quality audio and video from your show. You can select a song, or songs to be mixed and edited into a video promotion package, or release… We can also capture video and audio of the rest of the night if you want to play a few more sets, and have guests up etc. These can be edited, or downloaded later as needed.

Theatre Production

The Moonlight Arena is a great space for an intimate, high quality product show, with an intimate audience of about 60. Sound, light, stage and curtains are provided. Performance can be filmed and audio recorded. The space can also be used for rehearsals.


Songwriting and Recording Course

 In this course we help you take a song idea and turn it into a broadcast quality audio file. We cover lyrical content, song structure, demo recordings, pre-production, use of the Ableton DAW for tracking, mixing and software mastering. We also cover promotion and an introduction to the music industry. The course cost includes the use of professional session musicians to play the instruments needed for the recording.

  • Structure
    • Song analysis and refinement – 3hrs
    • Demo recording – 4hrs
    • Pre production – 3hrs
    • Tracking – 6hrs
    • Editing- 4hrs
    • Mixing- 4hrs
    • Mastering – 3hrs
    • Distribution and promotion3hrs
  • Cost – $2950 + GST