rehearsal rooms.

Studio 1
Fire Room

Studio 1 represents the Fire elements. It’s the largest at around 45sqm, and is roughly hexagonal in shape, with a sectioned ceiling rising to about 4m at its highest.

It has comfortably hosted 12 musicians and their instruments at once  – so is big enough for your largest projects.

It has been acoustically treated with many wall panels – but there are also many portable baffles available to contain and separate the sounds as needed.

Studio 2
Earth Room

Studio 2 captures the Earth feel with timber and natural coloured finishes. It’s around 35sqm and its irregular shapes and vaulted ceiling give it a warm and controlled sound.

This room also hosts our acoustic piano, a beautiful upright Yamaha WX5.

Suitable for 5 or 6 players – great for a rehearsal or recording.

Studio 3
Water Room

Studio 3 is the Water room and 25sqm is a good match for your surf rock 4 piece.

An inclined ceiling and plenty of acoustic treatment gives is a clean punch sound.

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