Video Production


Elemental has top quality video equipment, lights, staging and props to make any video concept a reality. We can do green screen, white screen, projections, or plain backgrounds. There is room to film a live gig, or have a small audience for a filmed and recorded performance.

We can create commercials, full productions, show reel and music videos – including conception, shooting and editing – as required.

The studio and equipment can be booked as a dry hire to approved clients, with some conditions.

Under the leadership of award-winning filmmaker, composer, and performer Matt Whitton, our video production team offers professional services in artistic expression, innovation, and collaboration. Situated within Fremantle’s dynamic cultural landscape, Elemental blends Matt’s expertise with creativity, bringing ideas to fruition and giving voice to stories.

At Elemental, we don’t just capture sound; we curate experiences. Dive into the world of video and audio production excellence with our range of services tailored to each client.

Watch as we transform concepts into captivating narratives. Whether it’s promoting your brand, highlighting a product, or advocating for a cause, our team at Elemental crafts immersive experiences that resonate with your audience. From dynamic infomercials to impactful public service announcements, Elemental delivers tailored video productions designed to captivate and engage viewers.

Discover the power of storytelling through social media content, live performance captures, and promotional videos. Elemental brings your vision to life, providing evidence-based deliverables for funding bodies and creating engaging content to connect with your audience. From showcasing live performances to presenting compelling narratives, Elemental delivers multimedia productions that leave a lasting impression.

At Elemental, we specialize in crafting compelling infomercials that capture the essence of your brand and engage your audience. Whether you’re promoting a product, service, or cause, our team excels at transforming concepts into captivating narratives. From dynamic visuals to persuasive storytelling, we tailor each infomercial to resonate with your target audience, ensuring maximum impact and results. With our expertise in infomercial production, Elemental is your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life and achieving your marketing goals.

At Elemental, we are passionate about helping community organizations showcase their achievements through impactful video productions. Whether it’s highlighting successful initiatives, celebrating milestones, or sharing stories of impact, our team is dedicated to capturing the essence of your organization’s mission and values. We collaborate closely with community leaders and stakeholders to understand your objectives and tailor our productions to effectively communicate your achievements. From heartfelt testimonials to vibrant visual storytelling, we ensure that your organization’s accomplishments are showcased in a compelling and authentic manner. With our expertise in video production for community organizations, Elemental is committed to helping you inspire change, foster connections, and create a lasting impact within your community.